Corporate Governance

Tashacare Australia is registered as a private company under the Corporations Act 2001.

Tashacare Australia is committed to providing high-quality services. We maintain business practices that:

  • Are in accordance with legal and regulatory standards.
  • Promote transparency and safeguards against unethical or unlawful practice.
  • Incorporate measures that govern the internal and external actions of managers, staff, contractors and or any person who is conducting business with Tashacare Australia.
  • Outlines opportunities for people with disability and relevant stakeholders to contribute to the development of policy and procedures in line with our efforts to protect participant rights.

We will:

  • Fulfil our duty to all stakeholders including participants, participant representatives, staff, contractors, and any person conducting business with the Tashacare Australia.
  • Provide services of value to participants.
  • Provide meaningful employment for staff.
  • Contribute to the welfare of the community.

Commitment to Quality

Tashacare Australia is committed to providing high-quality services to our participants in a supportive environment. This commitment is in line with the National Disability Insurance Schemes Practice Standards.

Tashacare Australia will use information ascertained from the management of continuous improvement, complaints and feedback, incidents, work health and safety and risk management procedures to adjust our policies and practices in ensuring the provision of high quality and responsive services.

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