About Us

We work specifically in the NDIS, with clients of different ages and with a broad range of diagnoses. We offer occupational therapy, speech pathology, positive behaviour support, prosthetics, orthotics, and podiatry.

Our team is trained in the NDIS and our allied health staff receive post-graduate opportunities, ongoing mentoring, and supervision to ensure they are providing evidence-based therapy with excellence.

How are we different?

Tashacare is built on the principles of diversity and inclusion in our organisation, our community, with our clients and stakeholders. These principles are reflected in our values of Excellence, Respect, Trust, and Justice.

Our team’s diversity in language, cultures, traditions, beliefs, and countries of origin is highly valued by us. We believe this provides us the opportunity to ensure our clients are valued, heard, and understood.

We know that an absence in collaborative support can contribute to social and health related burden on individuals and their support networks.

Our team work with other allied health professionals, community networks and family members to ensure a comprehensive approach. This not only achieves positive outcomes in increasing independence levels but also the quality of life.

Our Mission

We empower individuals with disabilities to live safe and meaningful lives through holistic services.

Our Vision

To foster leaders who strive to attain justice and equality for the vulnerable members of our community.

Our Values

We believe that how we go about things is just as important as what we do. As such, our values are embedded in every aspect of our organisation.


We strive to increase the independence of our clients through evidence-based practice.


People are unique, with individual life experiences. We know that by embracing individuality we can form partnerships that empower choice.


We build strong relationships through transparency and accountability. We are honest, fair and diligent.


We are committed to fairness. Justice is the standard by which our individual conduct and collective efforts are based, and our services delivered.

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